Under Maintenance.  Human, Sylvari, and Norn are on the way.


Engineers are masters of technology and the pioneers into the new age.  Since the fall of the flame legion, Engineers have played a vital role in the shaping of the current world of Tyria.  While the Elementalist conjures the elements and the guardians summon their gods, the Engineers utilize the tools around them to create weapons that can rival any other class: mixing both steel and alchemy in a perfect balance for destruction.  While originating with the Charr, all the races have incorporated Engineering into their daily lives.  Engineers are the first step into the future, for Tyria and the rest of the world.  In the end, it won’t be the gods, the elements or brute strength that will save anyone from the threats of the Elder Dragons.  It will be the Engineers who will take them down.

Engineers are a powerful class that utilizes various tool sets, they can access explosive, harness the power of flame, powerful alchemical solutions and the power of gunpowder.    Turrets, guns and bombs are just a few of the tools Engineers utilize in combat.  What might seem like a simple item is a vessel for endless possibilities.  A boot might have a hidden compartment that contains oil or be able to convert into rockets.  A shield might have a contraption that absorbs magic for later use.  A simple elixir might turn you into a powerful tornado or grant you super human speed.  Engineers utilize their gadgets and weave uncertainty just like the Mesmers that plays mind games.  Nothing it out of reach for an Engineer.  It is only a matter of time before they take you and your gods down.


Engineers originated with the Charr who used the power of machines to destroy the false gods of the Flame Legion.  Since then, the Charr have dedicated an entire legion to the creation of weapons for war.  Black powder is nothing new to Tyria, but guns are (Guild Wars cinematic where you are introduced to Vekk and Ogden).  It is also the Engineers who gave the Charr an upper hand when attempting to take back Ascalon.  However, Humans are far to crafty and have employed their own Engineers and other methods for stopping them.  Despite the capabilities of the Engineers, Ebonhawke still stands as the final bastion of hope for the humans to regain their false ancestral home.  Of the three legions of the Charr, the Iron Legion is the one who builds the weapons for the Ash and Blood legions.  Magic is a weakness, gods are weakness, technology brings the Charr strength.  One does not rely upon the gods as they have always failed the Charr and lead them into darkness.  The Charr create, the Charr are highly industrious, it is the Charr and their Engineers that have advanced the world into a new age.  Today is a fine day to be a Charr in the world that you helped forge.

We see that most of the technology that the Engineer employs is of charr descent.  Charr do not care about appearance, only if it can kill.  Their machines are meant for the singular purpose of spilling blood and destroying anything that stands in the way of the Iron Legion.  Their engines for war are powerful and their ferocity is to match.   Alchemy is borrowed from the Asura, but the Charr made it better.  The Charr take what they can make better.  Their craftsmanship far exceeds anything the Dwarves have ever crafted.  The highly industrial Charr take pride in the craft in potency more than appearance, but exceptions can be found everywhere as the Charr boast the finest Clocks and Spring based contraptions.  Any rifle or pistol you see in the world is Charr made and every Charr will boast of its races excellent craftsmanship.

It was the Iron Legion who create the weapons to destroy their false gods.  It was the Iron Legion who forged the Black Citadel and it is the Iron Legion who will bring Ascalon back from the hands of the foul humans who now plague the fallen city.  If it is one thing that the Engineer’s understand over all else, it is that the threat of the Elder Dragons is far worse than anything the humans can muster.  As such, the Charr have put them on hold.  With the threat of the Elder Dragon’s looming to destroying all of Tyria, the Iron Legion is constantly building new engines to destroy these new beings.  Nothing it out of reach for he Iron Legion and nothing will stop them from bringing the glory of the fallen Elder’s to the Charr.

The Black Citadel stands mighty and powerful.  An obsidian beacon of steel that stands as a symbol to the Charr’s strength and power.  The mighty citadel serves as a powerful reminder of what they accomplished and that even in the darkest of times, they rise out of the ashes victorious over their oppressors.  It is a symbol of Engineer craft, it is a citadel for the new world that the Charr forged.

From a roleplaying perspective, Charr Engineers must be that of the Iron Legion.  While the other legions can use Engineers within their ranks, the Iron Legion is their true home.  Engineer’s are crafters of the finest goods and while they do not usually care for looks, the potency is the key to their value.  Alchemy is a natural pick for an Engineer as they infuse Alchemy into their everyday gadgets (elixir gun, all of their elixirs and the healing turret).  Outside of Alchemy, any profession is a great choice for an Engineer.  Remember, you are crafty and deceptive.  A rifle can easily turn into a flame thrower of a satchel of bombs.  You are a master of your environment, even more so than the Ranger who relies upon magic.  You study your surroundings, you see weaknesses and ambush points.  You see points that can turn anything into your favor.  Calm and calculated, everything is under your control.  Remember, you bear the pride of the entire Iron Legion upon your shoulders, do not bring shame unto our ranks.   Defeat everyone who stands in your way.


The Asura are early adopters of Engineering, most likely right after the Charr displayed it’s awesome power.  Of course, to an Asura, Engineering came from them.  The primary difference is that the Asura do not feel that magic or gods are a weakness, but view them as tools to enhance their mechanical creations capabilities.  Alchemy is definitely the forte of an Asura Engineer.  However, we see many other contraptions created by the Asura for the pursuit of Science and Ingenuity.  The Asura are far known for gadgets than weapons of war.  But that does not exclude them from weapons of War.  The Golems are signature to the Asura just as the Rifles and Pistols are to the Charr.  However, outside of that, the Asura are more known for inventions, such as refrigeration, flight, and other domestic contraptions that improve the overall quality of life.

As stated before, the primary difference is the Asura being willing to infuse magic into their Engineering.  Where the Charr view magic as a weakness, the Asura view it as a strength, or another way to experiment with an already practical device.  An Asura is not likely to die in combat, but rather from their own experimentations gone awry.  However, when the call is heeded, the Asura can come up with the most fascinating of contraptions for war.  While a Charr will never admit it, sometimes the Asura have good ideas worthy of Charr recognition.  To the Asura, however, nothing is superior to their own goods as everything can be improved with Asuran technology.

The Asura’s most noted technology is the invention of the Asura Gates which are inter dimensional portals between two locations.  They can be attuned to different portals around the map to allow for fast travel between the major cities of Tyria.  It is because of these portals that the Asura are able to maintain a relationship with everyone despite their attitude that they are the superior species.

Rata Sum is a testament to Asuran Ingenuity.  It is a perfect geometrical citadel infused with their own beliefs that magic is the key to the future for Engineering.  To the Asura, Rata Sum is an example of perfection and what else the Asura and their brilliance can accomplish over all the other races.  However, Rata Sum is not home to the Asura and has not been since Primordius awoke from his slumber and drove them out.

The Asura are most likely responsible for giving Humans the technology to become Engineers to help fight agains the Charr.  Considering that the Charr and the Humans have been at constant war with each other over Ascalon, the only way that Humans could gain the technology is from the willing Asura or by taking it from the Charr.  Most likely, the reason for sharing technology is another way to boast how smart the Asura are and how great their Engineers really are.  It was during the events in the Eye of the North expansion that brought the Asura and Humans together to defeat the Destroyer threat beneath the surface.

Asura have the second most Engineers out of any of the races due to their acceptance of magic into their society.  Engineers permeate every aspect of daily life and are responsible for many of the great inventions we see today.  It is clear that their inventions are attempting to mix magical and technological themes together.  We see magic infused generators that power Rata Sum and completely autonomous golems who act based on their commands.  Their creation of the Asura Gates are primarily responsible for the spreading of ideas at a much quicker pace than ever before and most likely the cause of advancement prior to the Charr creating a uneasy alliance with the Humans to the betterment of the world.

Despite the threat of the Elder Dragons, the Asura are still in a constant struggle to show their dominance over the other races.  Their alliance can be seen as a means to an end to test out their own inventions of war without actually sacrificing an Asura to anything but the pursuit of knowledge.  It was at the efforts and inventions of Snaff that lead to great success against the various minions of the Elder Dragons.  The most common technology used to fight is the Golems or some other type of Autonomous creation to fight without actually putting the lives of the Asura at danger.  The Asura are most likely responsible for the Autonomous turrets the Engineers employ, creating a perfect hybrid of Charr and Asura technology.  However, an Asura would never admit it.

From a Roleplaying standpoint, you just have to play it like an Asura.  Since Engineers are so prevalent in their society, unlike the Charr who primarily have Warriors, Thieves, and Engineers amongst the ranks of the legions, everything can be used for the betterment of Engineering.  From a number’s standpoint, Engineers are probably more prevalent in the Asura capital than the Charr Iron Legion, but not everyone focuses on Engineering like the Iron Legion.  Remember that you believe you are better then everyone, especially in your own field.  Because of that fact, you have to play off that you are the best Engineer and everything you create or is created by Asuran technology is far superior to everything else.  You are not so much invested in battle and combat as any of the other races and most likely will prefer the use of turrets over anything else, so long as you can manage to stay out of harms way.



Human Engineers originate from their need to survive and adapt.  While not inventing the Engineer or adding any real contribution to the Engineer’s advancement.  Engineers started to appear around the time the information got around to them from the Asura or from slain Charr Engineers.  Humans have been involved in their own research and development of technologies, but most of the technology is geared towards defense rather than offense or sheer experimental value like the Charr or Asura.

Human Engineers are most likely survivors who utilize whatever they are given as a means of surviving.  Most, were likely thieves who found out about the technology and began to use it to further their survivability among the streets and slums of their respective capital cities.  Others are soldiers who realize the powerful technology as a means of reclaiming Ascalon and taking out the Charr threat.

Despite not contributing anything major to Engineering, Human Engineers do contribute to the profession as a whole.  Humans bring a number of things to the table that the Charr and Asura are unable to, such as hybridization of technology.  Most likely, the Healing Turret and the mines/bombs are results of human tinkering due to being much smaller than their primary enemies, the Charr.

As of now, Engineers have been utilized to create siege engines to help take on the current threat of the Elder Dragons and defending their few remaining bastions.  In addition, they serve a primary part of the military and scout teams in the defense of what remains of Human Civilization.  We have seen use of Engineer technology is scout teams set up to utilize guerrilla warfare in ambushing potential invasions.

Roleplaying a Human Engineer is very flexible.  Because there have been no real achievements from Human Engineers, there is no fixed pride in industrialization or alchemy like the Charr or Asura.  Engineers can come from any walks of life, but are more likely soldiers or street rats.  Nobles most likely become Engineers to make use of the fast growing technology in the fast evolving society.


Norn Engineers are few and far between.  The Norn culture is one of Warriors who pride themselves in their physical prowess or mental capabilities.  Basing themselves on their ability to combat foes using their natural capabilities and not relying upon gadgets to get the job done.  However, since the threat of the Elder Dragons and the loss of all but 4 of their Primal Spirits and homeland, the Norn have grown desperate to defeat Jormag, who is the immediate threat to the Norn way of life.

While most of the Norn will shun the idea of using technology and outside forces to solve their problems.  Unlike Guardians, Elementalists or any other type magic which is granted from their Primal Spirits, Engineers rely solely on outside technology.  Those few who choose to become Engineers seek to find new ways to take down the ever pressing threat of Jormag and his mindless hordes.  We see Eir taking advantage of Asura Engineering in Edge of Destiny as a means of fighting back against Jormag and the dwindling population of her village.  Although Eir never actually developed any of the technology herself.

Roleplaying a Norn Engineer is a tricky task as you are essentially on the final brinks of desperation for defeating Jormag.  You have attempted everything, lost many allies and friends on the battlefield, or even your patron spirit.  You are willing to do anything, even if it means embracing outsider help with the threat of the Elder Dragons and their fearsome armies.


The Sylvari as a whole are a very curious race.  Having only been around for the past 25 years, the Sylvari pursue all forms of knowledge with childlike wonder as to how their new world works.  As such, any Sylvari who becomes an Engineer does so out of sheer curiosity of how it works rather than any means of creating or defending themselves.  And while they will use the technology for combat, to them, it is another adventure in learning about the world.

Sylvari approach Engineering in a completely different way than the other races, in that the approach it from a side of wonder than a side for a purpose.  Because of this approach, Sylvari Engineers can see things from a much different side than that of the Charr or Asura who over complicate things in the pursuit of knowledge or crafting the deadliest of weapons.

Roleplaying a Sylvari Engineer is the same as with any other type of Sylvari.  You are driven by your curiosity much like a child.


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