As a writer:

Graduated with a degree in English with a focus on Epic Poetry and a Minor in Music from Southern Virginia University.  I have been blogging since the beginning October 2011 and have been making weekly posts.

Other than this site, I write for which is a Greece based fans site for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

My writings have been featured on many of the top news site for Guild Wars 2, and even tweeted by Arena Net themselves.

As an Audio Engineer:

I love Pro Tools, I graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and I highly enjoy making sound effects.  I have experience with many large format consoles, Certified user of Pro Tools (user of 8, 9 and 10).  Certified with Melodyne, Reason, Auto-Tune and Waves.  Been included in teacher ran projects, been selected to work with Fender and have my sound effects be mixed for a 1.5 minute clip of Avatar.  Currently working at SoundVision Recording as the Assistant Engineer in Mesa Arizona.

As a Gamer:

I have been gaming since I was a wee lad.  I remember my biggest accomplishment was beating Super Mario 3.  But I was 8 when I did it, so sue me.  I have basically been playing console/handheld games all my life.  Favorite series is Pokemon.  Favorite type of game is RPG.

I have been playing MMOs for about 8 years now starting with Ragnarok Online.  I played RO on and off for all of the 8 years I have been playing MMOs.  After RO, I moved to WoW, played that like a crack addict, left that game to play Champions Online, left that for WoW again, left WoW for RIFT and left RIFT for Guild Wars.  I have tried many different types of MMOs, but the ones I mentioned are the ones I actually liked playing.  I did play around with SWTOR but I did not really enjoy it (I am not a Sci-Fi Guy).  I play a lot of League of Legends and am currently solidifying my skills before attempting Ranked.


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