Happy 6 Months

A Wild News Post Appears!

Hey everyone, sorry, no editorial today.  Today is actually the surprise I talked about last week.  This is essentially a giant news post about the future of the blog and what this blog has achieved since its inception.

First things first, if you have not noticed, you can pre order the Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2 on April 10th at this location https://buy.guildwars2.com/.  Doing so will grant you access to all beta events (after the 10th) and get your 3 days early access.  As it stands now, you only get that stuff if you order directly from Arena Net.  Biggest gripe so far by the community is the cost of $150.  However, if you are one of those complainers, these items are PURELY luxury and have no actual bearing on the game you will play.  While I want the Collector’s Edition, I most likely will not get it for three reasons.

1) I find the price too high, now I am not saying that because I feel like they should lower it.  I have bought CE editions in the past, but I find that what you get is not worth the price.  I bought the Starcraft II CE and picked it up at midnight.  I found that what I got out of that is equal to what is coming in the Guild Wars 2 CE, but I got it for $50 less.  The reason I find the price a bit much is that I just don’t have the funds for it, I work for a living with my wife and living expenses are hard enough.

2) Other than the soundtrack, there is nothing in that CE that I really want.  I have a Charr plushie, but I don’t really want a statue or an Art Book.  I just don’t.  Call me whatever you want, but my statement still holds true.

3) I do not do pre-orders online anymore.  Every pre-order I have ever ordered has been late which defeats the entire purpose of the pre-order.  It took a week for me to get my CE of Street Fighter IV, 4 days for Wrath of the Lich King and the list goes on.  Every game I have pre-ordered in the store has always been there on time and I got it at Midnight (if you do not think GW2 will have a midnight release, then you need to get your head examined).  While you can argue that because of the 3 day head start access  is impossible to get late, we are not talking about head start, we are talking about CE which is the only thing I would pre-order online.  It is just how it is.  But I am not here to argue with anyone about my choice to not purchase a pre-order online.  Those are my reasons and I know that everyone has different experiences with everything.  Also, Seven is buying me a free copy because I won a bet involving monkeys and a bottle of gin.  It’s a messy story so I won’t get into details.

Next big piece of news is that I am now officially working with Guild Wars Insider.  I am involved in 2 projects, the first being actually writing up news and the second is the podcast that will be resuming shortly.  This is an opportunity that rarely comes by so I decided to take it.  First off, I really do like the people over at Guild Wars Insider, I, however, am not choosing sides on the media war that seems to be going on.  This community is great because its an actual community.  This community does not need a news source civil war.  My reasoning for choosing GWI over, say Guru, is that I find the site to be a lot more professional.  Its clean, very easy to navigate, and so far, being on the team has allowed me great access to a lot of things faster than I ever even thought possible.  So Guildmag, I love you guys as well as you have been a huge supporter of my blog and I support you guys.  However, despite working for GWI, I am still very neutral and support both of you equally.  I just happen to write for GWI and do the podcast. Oh yeah, so with the podcast, be warned that you get to have a double weekly dose of my ramblings.

Third thing is about Extra-Life.  Last year, I wrote a review about the way Trion Worlds handled things and I honestly, didn’t like how it worked out.  However, I fully support Extra-Life and Children’s Miracle Network because their event is fine, Trion Worlds just didnt handle it well.  With that said, this year, 2012, the Extra-Life event will be held on October 20th.  I have plans for this day.  For those that do not know what Extra Life is, it is a charity drive where gamers gain pledges for playing games for 24 hours on the given day (October 20th this year).  Every donation goes to your local Children’s Miracle Hospital to help give kids a second chance at life (you know, from cancer and disease).  This is one of 2 organizations I support and the other is To Write Love On Her Arms.  But lets not get preachy.  This year, I plan on hosting a community event to promote the day and help raise money for the cause.  And here is how:


Theoretically speaking, GW2 should be out by then.  If not then it will be held in League of Legends.  The rules are easy:

Participation is based on 5 man teams, entry is $100 donated (and when the event is getting started this will be easy to find) per team.  So a 5 man team breaks down to $20 per person.  You can either get the the money via pledges or you can pay it yourself.  Our goal is to raise at least $1000 or have 10 teams competing, however, it is not limited to 10 teams and this is not limited to the US.  Me and Angerina Warpride are working on the German division of this tournament and the folks of Dragon Season for the Greek one (so if you want to help, send me a tweet, or email).

The tournament will be will best 2 of 3.  Winner will win some kind of prize yet to be determined (even if that prize is glory).  However, there is a second prize for whichever team raises the most money.  The exception is that if the team who raises the most money and wins the tournament will not receive both prizes, it will go to whoever raised the second most money.

Thats it as far s the tournament goes, given that the CE is up and running, my guess is that GW2 will be out in a couple of months after the purchase date (so something like June 10th.  If not, it will be a League of Legends tournament with the same rules.

Lastly, an update for all you guys to show how successful the blog has been.  As for now, there have been a little under 5000 views since this blog was conceived in October.  Now this is a prime source for information regarding the Engineer and product reviews for gaming.  Right now the most viewed page is my review on the Razer Naga and I have become the number 1 google search for it with Guild Wars 2.  I know, these numbers are not amazingly large, but it has definitely exceeded my expectations, so I want to personally thank each and every one of you viewers for choosing this site.  You guys are the primary reason for me continuing this blog, for continuing my work within the Guild Wars 2 community and for having a fan base of people who actually care and support.  Maybe in the future this site will expand into more territories, maybe even merge over into something better, but I couldn’t have gotten this far without you and I don’t plan on continuing further without you.

Oh yeah, if you are a mac user and want to play League of Legends, here is the beta client.


So once again, I just want to say thank you guys for everything, you all have really granted me many opportunities and allowed me to meet wonderful people that I will never forget.  So Happy 6 months guys.


My first day in Tyria

Have you ever wondered what you will do the first day you get your hands on Guild Wars 2? Most likely, the answer to this question is one of the toughest to give. But I reckon you can blame this on ArenaNet. It attempts to create a video game that each time you play it will feel like the first. In the real world, the rule that everything appears to be so beautiful because they will never exist again, is the truth. However, in a video game this is not happening. Despite Guild Wars 2 definitely being a video game, everything in it have been so perfectly designed that every time you play it your only thought is that you have one less day to enjoy it.

I want to do so many things on that first day, when Guild Wars 2 is finally in my grasp, that these twenty four hours seem so few. I think I have lied to myself, about the things I want to do during my first moments in Tyria, yet I’d like to share them with you.

I will start inside the dream of dreams and face the darkness. In a morning different than the all the rest. Atop one of the highest branches of the Pale tree, a gold fruit will pop open and then I shall wake from my slumber and rise from its tender pith. I will open my eyes, timidly, to let my gaze meet the bright sun of Tyria. I will take my first steps in the oh-so-green Grove, born as a Sylvari Ranger. I will craft my bow and my arrows from the wood of an agelong oak tree and hunt in the surrounding forests. I will charm a white wolf and together we shall explore the world of Tyria.

I will commute in the geometric city of Rata Sum, with its electric fields and its inverted pyramids, as an Asura Warrior. I will enter my lab and, being a top-class graduate of the Dynamics College, I shall manufacture a greatsword twice my height. Then I will go out in the woods and cut down anyone who stands in my way.

I shall rise through the flames of the Flame Legion, to become a mighty Charr Engineer. I will roam around the gear-strewn alleys of the Black Citadel’s miracle of mechanics. I shall manufacture a flamethrower that breaths dragon’s breath. Then I will go outside, in Ascalon, with it in my arms to turn any who I cross paths with to ashes.

A beam of sun will shine through. A drop of rain will fall. A gust of wind will blow and through a gale of dust I shall emerge like a Norn Elementalist. I will begin my journey from the Wayfarer Foothills in the Far Shiverpeaks. I will transform into a Snow Leopard to run through snow covered hill sides. Turn into a Wolf to hunt wild animals for survival. Be a Bear to fight those who will oppose me. Fly as a Raven over the mountains and the valleys, letting the wind take me to magic places.

I will step my foot on Queensdale , as a Human Necromancer. I will summon all my minions and my Hounds of Balthazar. I shall turn into the avatar of Melandru and enter Divinity’s Reach. I will cross Uzolan’s Mechanical Orchestra and my ears will flood with the marvelous music coming from it. I will find myself in the arcade of the enormous aquarium and be lost into thinking I am underwater, swimming through an exotic forest of corals and seaweeds in the company of a group of various multi-colored fish and other marine beings. I will traverse squares and keep walking over the abysmal hole of The Great Collapse, dropping to the bowels of the earth. Finally, I shall travel through beautiful colonies of the Canthan and Elonian people to explore every turn and corner, aiming to find all that bind me to my ancestors.

This is what I intend to do on my first Guild Wars 2 day in Tyria. Have you thought about what you shall do?

– Achilles

Happy V-Day!

Yup, its that wonderful and magical day in which everyone buys stuff for their significant other.  Or if you don’t have one, you are either A) Sad and lonely, or B) lonely, but at least you are vocal about it.  The third option is you celebrate Arizona’s birthday as this is also the date the state was founded.


Eitherway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  I will have a post for you tomorrow as work and, well, the love of my life is consuming all of my free time today 🙂


Hey guys, as you might know, tomorrow is going to be the internet blackout in protest to the American bill SOPA.  In case you don’t know what that is, here is a video:



Anyways, since tomorrow is when the strike is happening and I can’t just shut down my blog for a day, I am not posting content this week.  But I promise that there will be some goodies next week for you.


I encourage everyone that reads this to do the same, don’t post, shut down your website, don’t even tweet!


Key things to know about SOPA:


1.  SOPA gives the government and corporations the ability to shut down websites that they feel are not doing their part to stop online piracy.  Not if they are, if they feel that they are not doing their part to stop online piracy.

2.  A corporation that is going under backlashes at the things which make it go down.  History proves that corporations have a history of suing new technology (TVs, VCRs, iPods, so forth).  Given the power to shut down any website because they are not “doing their part” to stop online piracy means a corporation can shut down any website for whatever reason and use that excuse.  This means websites like Amazon, Craigslist and Ebay could go away over night because they sell used games and prevent the corporation for making any money off the sales.  Are these extreme cases?  Yes, but we see lobbyists like the RIAA suing dead people for stealing music.

3.  Sites we can see that will go down if SOPA goes live: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Twitpic, Imagur, Tinypic, Deviant Art, Google, WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Steam, Pandora, Grooveshark, Last FM, Gamestop’s website, Wikipedia, other Wiki sites, and basically any website that allows you to post content.  Essentially, a corporation could shut you down for a bad review.


There is far more about the bill, but these are a few things to keep in mind.  Also do not forget the Protect IP bill, both are very very bad for the internet.  There are better bills being proposed like OPEN which prevents advertisement funds from American sources to fund websites hosting pirated content (piratebay, bit torrent).  Spread the word.

Beta Amendement

Time for something a little different.

In my last post, I made a statement that Battlefield 3 did not do very well and this is most likely because of the poor response players had to playing the Beta.  I still hold true to my statement that Battlefield 3 did poorly despite having sold 8 million units since it was release on October 25th of 2011 (data was announced November 30th, 2011).  This is entirely my opinion, so take it as you see fit.  I know some people will probably cry out in pain because I dissed their favorite game.  But, as a note, I do not play Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3.

I base my answer on a few things.  Who the game is competing with, how long it took to push that many number of copies and what type of platform it is available on.

Everyone knows that the two big FPS franchises are Modern Warfare and Battlefield (I wont say Call of Duty because nobody really cares about that franchise anymore).  Undoubtable, when both games were about to release their third installment in the series, gaming news was flooded with who will be better, why game X is better than game Y and your typical forum fanboy nonsense.  I don’t play either.  While I have played Modern Warfare in the past, I stopped playing FPS games when I got tired of the sheer repetitiveness of the games.  That is just my opinion.  Either way, Battlefield 3 had an open Beta where anyone could download the client and play it.  In the competition between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, that Beta ruined the game.

The second is the platform the game is available on.  MMOs tend to suffer from sales because a vast majority of gamers play on a console.  This not opinion, this is fact.  More players of video games play on an Xbox or a PS3 system than the entire PC gamers out there.  Because of this, numbers for sales will always be huge.  8 million units for a console game that is shipped out worldwide is not that big of a feet in today’s market.  It is still financially successful, that game did make about 480 million dollars in the first month (assuming the game is sold new and at the full retail of $60 per).  Gearing this against the MMO juggernaut of SWTOR only selling 1.63 million units in the first month.  WoW took about 4 years to hit the 10 million units sold mark and only sold about 350,000 units in its first month.  Most computer games do not sell as widely as console games because there are not as many computer gamers anymore these days.  This is fact.

The last thing to take note on is how many copies it pushed out.  Yes, 8 million copies in the first month of the games existence is quite a large number of sales.  But overall sales mean nothing as how many of those copies were used?  Probably quite a bit since Gamestop had a sale to trade in your copy of Battlefield 3 for a discount on your copy of Modern Warfare 3.  And since Modern Warfare sold 6.5 million units in 25 hours leads me to believe that a large portion of those sales are used.  Comparing overall sales, Modern Warfare made about 1 billion in its first 16 days of of being out.  1 billion translates into over 16 million copies, doubling the amount of sales Battlefield 3 made in half the time.  Also, 1 million dollars worth in copies of Modern Warfare 3 were also stolen in France (but this might have been a publicity stunt).

So, taking everything into consideration.  Battlefield 3 did not do nearly as successful as its competition and I blame this entirely on the Beta.  But that is my opinion so take it as you see fit.

No post today :(

Sorry guys, just wanted to let you know that there will not be a blog post today due to outside circumstances.  Hope you all had a happy and safe new year!

Blog post will be Tuesday!  In fact, ill be changing the day that content is posted to Tuesday.

In addition to that, this is going to be a hefty week as far as content goes.  Tuesday will be a blog post and ill be starting to do lore write ups for the lore page!  Woo!

Once again, I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years!  Make this year big as I plan to as well!