Future Engineer Weapons

Before reading these ideas please remember these are all my ideas nothing is from ArenaNet or confirmed in Guild Wars 2.

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of my wild ideas for Engineer. Before the release date was announced I decided to browse some forums and I ended up coming across some people talking about what weapons they would like to see added to current classes. The only issue I had reading these were very few of the posters went into detail they would just say “Give Ranger staves “as an example and not mention what skills they would gain. So below are a few weapons I feel fit the Engineer lose-wise and would not make us some flavor of the month overpowered profession.

Main Hand

Mace– This weapon makes the most sense because essentially the mace is a hammer the Engineer uses to construct their turrets and other gadgets. With having Mace in the main hand I feel that our Tool Kit weapon kit should be removed and have some of their skills reworked into the Mace weapon skills.

Skill 1 – Smack-Deals damage to foes or repairs turrets. No cooldown.

                      Whack– Deals damage to foes and applies Cripple or a stronger repair to turrets.

                      Thwack– Deals damage to foes and applies Weakness or applies a Overcharge charge to your turret allowing them to act as if their overcharge skill was in effect for the next 10 seconds.

Skill 2 – Magnet Pull– Pulls your Target to you and causes them to be unable to use weapon skills for 2 seconds. 15 second cooldown.

                     Magnet Push– Can only be used within 3 seconds of using Magnet Pull, but knocks your target back and applies Cripple.

Skill 3 – Throw Wrench– Boomerang your Wrench out in a line applying a random condition (Cripple, Daze, Weakness) to each foe it hits, can strike the same foe more than once. 10 second cooldown.

2 Hands

Staff– This is my personal favorite to hope for because the way I describe it, it follows the lore that it was used in the book Ghost of Ascalon. The Asuran Engineer Kranxx uses something he calls his Spark Stick and along with the glowing gems he makes reference to this is where my idea for Engineer Staff skills come from.

Skill 1 – Shock– Shock your foe with a quick bolt of electricity. This move has a higher critical damage multiplier. No cooldown

Skill 2- Flash– Blinds nearby foes for 2 seconds and deals a small amount of damage. 10 second cooldown.

Skill 3- Charge– A long cast time to store electricity. 20 second cooldown.

                     Discharge– In an instant release all stored energy stunning all nearby foes while granting nearby allies Fury and Might.

Skill 4- Extending Arm– Shoots out an extending arm that brings your for to you if hit. 15 second cooldown.

Skill 5- Tether– Throw your staff to target location and having a chain connecting both of you. While you are connected you cause any enemies to pass though the line to be knocked down for 1second. 30 second cooldown.

                      Retract-While connected you can quickly jumped yourself to the Staffs location. Any enemies you pass though will be stunned for 1 second, any allies you pass though gain Protection for 5 seconds.

Hammer– This 2 handed version of the mace focuses less on control and conditions and instead just focuses on raw damage. The Hammer can be seen almost like the melee version of our rifle.

Skill 1-Bend– A large overhead swing to bend any metal it finds beneath it. No cooldown.

                    Break– A stronger overhead swing that breaks what you were crafting!

                    Destroy!– Out of anger you use your hammers secret gadget and have it spout off a burst of flames to incinerate your target.

Skill 2- Spike Swing– Hitting a button causes spikes to pop out of your hammer. This swing will cause a moderate amount of damage while causing 3 stacks of bleeding and poison. 10 second cooldown.

Skill 3- T.N.T.– You stick your hammers handle into the ground and cower underneath the hammer’s head, exposing a large batch of T.N .T. on the top of your hammer. This skill deals a large amount of area of effect damage and knocks your foes backwards. While at the same time deals a small amount of damage to the Engineer and knocks him/her down for 1 second. 20 second cooldown.

Skill 4- Golf Swing– You swing your hammer like a gold club at the target and as you make contact with your target the hammers head explodes dealing a massive amount of burning damage and knocking your foe backwards. 20 second cooldown

Skill 5- Hop!– You place your hammers head on the ground and stand on it and propel yourself in the air and in a particular direction dealing damage only where you land, Hop! can be used twice before it goes on cooldown. 15 second cooldown.

Crossbow– the last weapon I’m going to talk about it one that is not even in the game at the moment. I saw some users post about Thief’s and Ranger’s gaining access to the crossbow and though it also belonged as part of the Engineer’s arsenal. The Engineer’s crossbow is rather un-extraordinary but instead the bolts he uses as ammo is where you see his ingenuity shines. When you activate a Bolt it causes the skill the change into a stronger skill with a longer cooldown.

Skill 1- Fire!– You shot your crossbow bolt at your target, if you have no ammo active it causes bleeding when it hits. Fire! has different outcomes based on which bolt ammo you have active.

While Explosive Bolts is active Fire! will have no cooldown and will put a stacking debuff on the target that can stack up to 5 and on the 6th shot causes all the bolts to explode at once dealing a moderate amount of area of effect damage and knocking all foes around the target to get knocked back.

While Alchemic Bolts is active it causes Fire! to have a chance to cause Poison, Weakness, Blind, or Confusion on impact.

While Rocket Bolts is active it causes Fire! to cause burning when the target is hit.

Skill 2- Explosive Bolts– You start to load explosive bolts for ammo into your crossbow. These bolts hold a small amount of explosives that does not detonate on impact. 3 second cooldown.

                        Impact– Your next 5 Fire! uses will explode on impact and cause 1 stack of bleeding. 10 second cooldown.

Skill 3- Alchemic Bolts– You start to load alchemic bolts for ammo into your crossbow. 3 second cooldown.

                       Amplified Dose– Your next use of Fire! will cause the target to be infected with a strong poison that causes them to run in fear for 2 seconds. 25 second cooldown.

Skill 4- Rocket Bolts– You start to load Rocket Bolts for ammo into your crossbow. 3 second cooldown.

                      Heat Seeking Missile– You channel your cast for 3 seconds then send out a large missile at your target. If hit this missile causes a large amount of damage. 20 second cooldown.

Skill 5- Harpoon Bolt– You load your crossbow with a harpoon bolt causing your next Fire! to chain your target to you. If your target runs out of range they are knocked down for 2 seconds. 15 second cooldown.

Well there you have it, my ideas for what weapons the Engineer should get in the future. I can not stress this enough that these are my ideas and no one else’s. This was just something fun I decided to start writing and would love to hear what feedback you have or other ideas you think I should have done instead.


3 responses to “Future Engineer Weapons

  1. Love it! Some excellent ideas here, now if only Anet would read and attempt to implement at least some of them. 😀

  2. Even though, I’m not going to be an engineer; I found your article a fun read. I particularly liked…whacked and thwacked. 😉

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