Engineer Turret Ideas

All of the following is my opinion and each idea for change stands on its own I do not expect to see any or all of these changes at once just something I think would help the Engineer class without overpowering it.

So over the last Beta Weekend Event I felt the general agreement from those around me was that the Engineer was one of the weakest class this beta. Excluding bugs like Blunderbuss failing to hit your target that is immobilized the Engineer was caught in such a middle ground it seemed to be lacking everywhere. From what ArenaNet has stated it can be assumed the Engineer is designed to be a support profession that is able to do some damage either conditional or direct while having access to weapon kits, elixirs, turrets, and gadgets that allow the Engineer to do a bit of everything.

My biggest problem with the Engineer is their Turrets. Turrets are very weak and easy to counter if you come across them in PvP, you can either walk out of their range or just kill them since they don’t have a very large HP pool. In PvE you are never just standing in one spot and if you place a Turret down kill your enemy and then move you have to wait for your cooldown to finish before you can place the Turret back down. Buffing the turrets however is not as simple as giving them that extra damage or a larger HP pool because that could lead into a lot of unnecessary patches to get the numbers just right. One of my ideas for a Turret fix is I think the Turrets should become the Signets for the Engineer class. Signets are available for every profession except the Engineer so my idea is since the toolbelt skills are just Place here/Detonate for Turrets and they are an easy counter let them give us a passive buff when they are not on the ground or off cooldown.

I’ll start with Healing Turret since it really is the most straight forward change. While Healing Turret is not on cooldown and is stored on your back you gain a passive regenerative buff that would be a little weaker than the Warrior’s Healing Signet or the Guardians Virtue of Resolve.

Rifle Turret would provide an increase to Precision.

Net Turret would provide an increased Toughness.

Flame Turret would provide an increased Conditional Damage.

Thumper Turret would provide an increase to Power.

Rocket Turret would provide the buff Fury.

Now maybe the Turret Signets are a dry idea to you and you fear it will just make the Engineer a copy of every other profession out there. Then here is where I propose my next idea for change to the Turrets and this is focusing on the self-destruct aspect. At the moment the self-destruct is either a ranged “turret retrieval” or a “deal some damage before it’s killed”. What I propose is adding an additional effect to self-destruct for each turret to give them an added use in combat.

I’ll start with the Healing Turret like before and when you use Detonate Healing Turret it gives off the same cross class combination as Water and Blast Finisher creating an area of effect healing.

Detonate Rifle Turret will cause an Area Weakness effect.

Detonate Net Turret will cause Immobilization to all nearby foes within a certain radius.

Detonate Flame Turret will cause an Area Blindness.

Detonate Thumper Turret will cause nearby allies to gain Stability.

Detonate Rocket Turret will give allies nearby three stacks of Might.

The final change I would suggest adding onto one of the changes I talked about above is that if I decide to pick up my turret instead of letting it get killed or me detonating it there should be a reduced cooldown or be no cooldown at all.

Regardless of my ideas it will be interesting to see what ArenaNet has in store for the Engineer though the next Beta Weekend Event and launch.


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