Viewer Requests: Roles vs Classes

So this week I decided to do some requests.  And next week there will not be a post because I will be on vacation.  However, there will be an updated skill list this weekend for all you theory crafters.

The first request is asking for an ultimate Engineer build.  While its it beta, its next to impossible to lay down any hard facts because it could literally change overnight.  But I am a firm believer that turret Engineers will be supreme for several reasons.

Damage output will be the highest, you can have several turrets active at any given time and with the extra turrets given from supply crate, you can demolish just about anyone who is stupid enough to walk right into them.;afpap;aaaeaafXcaaaUcZ;Zaaa;bVWUZ

Simply put, this is the highest damage output possible on the engineer as you will have 4 turrets out at any given time so long as you keep supply crate on cooldown.  My statements on the rifle are still true, it gives way too much utility to just give up.

Some of you want some fiction, that will come after my vacation as it will take me a while to flesh out characters and such.  Just a question though, why do you want to see myself write some charr fiction?  Leave a comment below or just tweet me.

Now for the bulk of the article.  One of the requests was my own opinions on the following article by Lewis B (not anyone else, sorry :D)

And to be honest, I agree with the sentiments that not every class will be able to do everything.  I mean this is the best way possible.  Lets take a look back and Vanilla WoW with Shamans, Paladins, and Druids.  Those three classes were the original hybrids who could literally do anything, tank, dps, heal.  Although, because of their hybrid nature, they never did any of those things extremely well except for heal (they traded damage for the ability to heal which every other class lacked) which was used as a balancing measure.  Hybrid classes are always the most attractive classes to me, I like being able to do anything and I honestly fell in love with the Shaman because of this video:

However, despite the ability to do anything (enhancement shamans were intended to tank as well with their old talents) they never were able to do anything except heal in any kind of endgame content.

However, in WoW the reason this was the way it was is that the hybrids (aside from the priest) were the only healers in the game and each provided very unique buffs to the raiding party.  And if these classes could deal as much damage as a rogue, and be able to off heal as well, then the question became “why play a rogue?”  Especially when you have another class that does the same thing, but more.  So it was a balancing thing ultimately.

For Guild Wars 2 though,  every class is designed to fill each of the three roles (which are, not called the holy trinity but essentially are).  The problem though is not what they were designed around but what their kits (skill sets) provide overall.  For example, thieves cannot heal other classes like an Engineer, Elementalist, or Guardian can.  But, in turn, nobody brings poisons which act as the control and dps aspects.  Engineer’s have a ton of utility but very little damage options, they will definitively fill the support and control roles very well.  Other classes will be more durable due to armor type, base HP, and weapon choices.  A character with a shield will always be able to take more damage than a character without.  Other classes will be able to heal better than others and will be preferred for dungeon runs, others will buff better, control better.  It just makes sense that way.  I don’t know about you, but a Thief running around stabbing people with a healing dagger doesn’t really make sense to me, or a healing toxin.  From a lore standpoint, mechanics stand point, and from a aesthetic standpoint, it makes sense that a Thief will be more inclined to deal more damage and better look out for themselves than from others.  Not saying Thieves are all selfish, but they are.

It is my personal opinion that as the game expands, some of the roles will be left aside, just like in WoW where Shamans (who were designed to tank) can no longer tank.  The inferior roles will started to be filtered out.  It’s just too early to tell what and when that will be.  With the current system of swapping weapons, kits, and attunements, I can see that this is not an issue with balancing like it was in WoW, but rather it comes down to the feel of the game.  If something is out of place, it makes the game feel off.  This is why you don’t see some things in some games.  It doesn’t make sense to have sword fights in Modern Warfare, but it does in Halo when you throw in invisibility and energy weapons.  It doesn’t make sense to have guns in a medieval game (especially machine guns) and things like that when they are present in a game is off setting and shunts the player out of the immersive aspect of the game.  This is why I feel like Thieves will never be able to run around and heal other people.  Whereas a class like the Engineer (who deals with Alchemy) can create a healing mist that heals everyone who stands in it.

So, I say enjoy each of the classes 3 roles as much as possible while they still exist, but after about a month or so, those will start to dwindle in favor of the better ones.  Its just how it is.


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