Support Engineer

GW2 is making strides in removing the need for support roles.  However, despite this, you can still build for it.  The inspiration for this build came from 2 things 1) the sheer utility that the engineer brings, and 2) the tool belt.  Outside of the water attunement for the Elementalist and a couple of Guardian abilities, no class brings as much healing and buffing as the Engineer.  Nothing about this build is concrete as we are still in beta, and for all we know, this build can become completely obsolete next build.  But, for the time being, this guide can help you get the most out of your Engineer for your team.;apapf;aaagWbaaaUVYZaa;Zaaa;ZjfUb

Why the Rifle?
The rifle brings a lot of special utility to the table that the pistols do not.  While the pistols  have a silence and an Aoe snare, the only means of escape you have are in your dodges.  And while that is what they were intended for, its easy to catch you because they have dodges.  There are 3 very good reasons why the rifle is the best choice.

Jump Shot which allows you to do more than just dodge but actually close gaps that might otherwise be uncrossable, you can use it to get over walls that you have to take a ramp to get up for.  The same is true for the reverse, if you need to help an ally, no amount of snares will make you get there faster.  Jump Shot is a gap closer, allowing you to get into the thick of things and give you that 1 extra second that might make all the difference when it comes down to a close battle.

Overcharged Shot does 2 things, knock you back and your enemy back.  Dual pistols only have the 1 snare with glue shot, and while an aoe snare is very helpful in team match ups, in a 5v5 map, how often do they really happen?  Not very, most fights are limited to 1-2 people with a possible third.  The reason for this is that if there are 5 people capturing a single point then the other 2 points are in danger of being captured by the other team.  A good strategy for Khylo is to have 3 people capture a point and have 2 roamers between the outside points and the central point (an east roamer and a west roamer).  But beside that point, a well timed Overcharged Shot followed by a Jump Shot will ensure that you get away from any threat that comes your way.

This is the final reason why the rifle is the better choice.  While a shield makes you slightly more durable, the Rifle brings 3 utility options that allow you to escape, close the gap and snare, best part about net shot is that it timed well, you can ensure a kill on an opponent.  If you are running away, you can snare them, knock them and yourself back with overcharged shot, and then ensure the escape with Jump Shot.

The other reasons are that the rifle brings a lot of damage from bleeds with blunderbuss and hip shot.  The utility itself is what makes the rifle a superior option though.

Why Elixir H?
The cool thing about elixirs (and unless they change it, this also remains true) is that you can use it and use the respective toolbelt skill.  Now the choice of Elixir H is that it is a ranged heal versus the stationary Healing Turret and the Healing Kit.  Bandages work well and heal for more, but each player has to pick them up to utilize them which could move them out of position.  And a Healing Turret is only as good as the amount of people that are around it.  Elixir H gives a nice burst heal and allows you to also use it on an ally that is not within range of the other ones.  Plus, do you really trust people to make use of things that are laying around?  Unless I am talking to them using a voice communication program, I presume that everyone I play with has no idea what they are doing.  But, if you are organized enough to use vent or skype, then you can actually make use of the other ones, however, without that Elixir H takes the cake.

Why Elixir R?
Elixir R is the better of the utility elixirs.  While all of them are useful and bring their own special thing to the table, Elixir R removes conditions that might otherwise destroy you and you can use it while you are stunned.  Elixir S removes stuns, if you are inflicted by a series of bleeds and snares, there is really nothing you can do except sit there and wait for your demise.

Why Elixir Gun?
Elixir Gun is great for mid combat support when you have ample amounts of damage dealers.  You have an aoe heal, and aoe cripple, aoe damage, aoe poison/condition removal.  You also get a second aoe heal that you can use outside of the Elixir Kit.  Overall, this is the best support kit in the game.

Why Flamethrower?
Flamethrower brings a lot of utility as well with both a pull and a knockback.  Both of those effects allow you to displace your opponent and help secure kills and escapes for your teammates, especially if you swap between the rifle and the flamethrower.  Remember, a warrior not on you is a warrior who cant kill you.  Incendiary Bullets is also nice, but not the best of the toolbelt skills.

Elite Skill is completely optional, I like Elixir X over Supply Crate, but that does not mean that I find it useless.  Until there is any actual numbers for Mortar, I can’t honestly say anything about it or how effective it is.  Elixir X does a number of very powerful things that can completely change the outcome of a battle, Supply Crate does the same thing, but is more dependent on other players to fully utilize it considering that what you get out of Supply Crate are bandages and turrets.  But feel free to substitute either.

Why the trait set up?
The trait setup is designed for making full use out of the two kits, your elixirs, and give you far more mobility by increasing the rate of regeneration for your endurance (what allows you to dodge).  With this setup, your Elixir Gun has 40% faster recharge time, allowing you to fully make use of the endurance recharge rate tied to the use of your Elixir Gun.  However, you will almost always be using the Elixir gun in combat over anything else because of this setup.  So while it is limiting, you still bring a ton of utility from this set up.

Playing is quite easy, just make sure you have friends.  As I mentioned above as the roamer strategy, you are easily one of the best roamers available due to how much mobility you have available.


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