Community Post Experiment!

Hey guys!  So I was not in the beta last weekend, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  But this gave me an idea!  Why not attempt a community post!


All you have to do is post a comment below of your beta experience!  Specifically your favorite thing from the beta.  So leave a comment below!


One response to “Community Post Experiment!

  1. Where do I start when it comes to the amount of fun I had from this Beta Weekend Event? I guess the story should begin with when I first logged in and started out with making a charr Engineer. I planned on just messing around in the starting zone but like every MMO at the beginning the starting zone was so crowded you could not realistically absorb what was going on around you. So I decided I would move on to some PvP and help the Feral Engineer community and get the level 80 skills up to date. After I had written down everything that was needed I moved on to testing some builds in the competitive PvP matches. I could say things didn’t go as planned but I knew I would suck at the start and that unless my guesses were spot on(FYI they weren’t) my test builds would fall short. After awhile I finally dialed in a build I really enjoyed(For those who are curious;faSSp;faaaaacaaWaaZgf;bYaa;YgfhZ) I found that I could deal some damage although defeating my enemy wasn’t the goal of this build. My goal was to survive and hold the points as long as possible and this build allowed me to withstand 3v1 odds for an extended period. After PvPing on my Engineer I went to test out PvP with Elementalist, Guardian, Warrior, Necromancer, and Ranger. I came to understand my play-style and Thumper Warriors making a strong return in Guild Wars 2 made Elementalist the only unenjoyable moment in the beta while I was playing. I found my second love for a class when it came to the guardian, and by the time I created it one day had already passed in the beta so I decided to give the PvE side another shot. I gained a new appreciation for just how fun and laid back ArenaNet has made their game but to still have the sense of purpose when playing. What I mean by this is when playing WoW/FFXI/Rift/SWTOR you have the “carrot on a stick” sense that you have a end goal to reach and a trail to follow for their quests. In Guild Wars 2 I was just able to explore the areas and stumble on events and they made the experience that much more enjoyable for me. This brings me to my favorite part of the beta weekend. As I was exploring on my Guardian in the Human starting area I came across an event that had me deal with a corrupted treant and I had to kill it or its corruption would spread to the surround forest. Well this was a Group Event and I was along to start off so I spent 10 minutes just kiting the treant around trying to kill it but it had a healing ability that foiled my plans to solo. By this time more players had stumbled upon the event and started to help me out and we began to make progress. As the treant fell the players and I grabbed out loot off its corpse and before we even had a chance to see if the items were any good another event spawned right on top of us. The corruption had opened multiple portals to the underworld and Aatxe were coming out(I had slight oh !@#$ moment when I saw one charging at me). By this time even more players had joined up and the portals were quickly dealt with. Now by coincidence or this may be how the event works but when the last portal closed we got a notification that a world event was about to occur in the swamp area south of us. So we headed off to the swamp and when the event started it was just like the previous one where we had underworld portals opening around us and we had to shut them. When the last portal shut my camera zoomed out and a giant Shadow Behemoth came forth for us to defeat. This was a great dynamic event not only was the boss dropping dangerous stuff everywhere so players couldn’t stay stationary, but he would spawn more underworld portals would would continue to spawn more adds if they weren’t dealt with. Some people were focusing on the portals, while some where attacking the boss, and some myself included were focusing on reviving those who got caught in the bosses attacks. Once the boss was defeated in a glorious fashion not only were we rewarded with the usual experience, gold, and karma but at the center where he spawned was a huge treasure chest for everyone to loot. The rest of the event had only died off a bit because I stuck to PvP and wanted to avoid any more PvE spoilers. Then ArenaNet announced their goodbye event having everyone who wished to join head to the Norn level 10 area. No one was sure what would happen but as soon as the event started it was a “Great Hunt” in a sense only our prey were critters. This was going to be fun until we saw the said critters were Veteran and above level monsters. So you had pigs, moa birds, deer, and even bunnies going around killing players. This was when the server really teamed up and we started to run around as a team killing off to toughest critters we could find to gain the most points as a whole. What made this even event more memorable was we had an AreaNet dev join in on the fun. As the final minutes of the beta neared the server decided to go out in a funny way and started to sleepjump(the emote /sleep is buggy and you can continue to “Hop” while you sleep). Then in a flash I was kicked to the login screen and the Beta Weekend Event was over, I can not wait for the next one to test a few more things!

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