Well guys, its beta weekend this upcoming week.  I wont be in it as I have to be at work, but I would like to leave you all with a bit of advice before entering Tyria.


Because its beta, its not perfect.  Its also not finished, anything you do not like or not there doesn’t mean it wont be there at launch.  If its missing a mail system, or an AH, that doesnt mean it wont be there.  Give them time, this is not a finished game.


Yes, it is a game, but you are all in the beta to help make this game a better one, to make this game the greatest game ever.  Remember that if you want this game to succeed and actually do better than SWTOR, then help it by coming up with constructive criticism rather than raging about how the game isn’t in working condition.


Remember, its just a game, have fun.  Yes, its not perfect, yes, its in beta and you are there to test it.  But that does not mean you cannot have fun while doing it.  If the game is not fun (not fun because its not working is not what I mean), then try to submit a report with ways to help change that fact.  Like if you are unhappy with the way PvP works, let Arena Net know!  Especially if you want something to change before the game is released.  We are in the most critical time for the beta.

And that is it.  Yeah, its short, but I don’t want to bog you guys down with some kind of theory, just go out there, slay some dragons and have fun!  I will see you in the beta eventually 🙂


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