My first day in Tyria

Have you ever wondered what you will do the first day you get your hands on Guild Wars 2? Most likely, the answer to this question is one of the toughest to give. But I reckon you can blame this on ArenaNet. It attempts to create a video game that each time you play it will feel like the first. In the real world, the rule that everything appears to be so beautiful because they will never exist again, is the truth. However, in a video game this is not happening. Despite Guild Wars 2 definitely being a video game, everything in it have been so perfectly designed that every time you play it your only thought is that you have one less day to enjoy it.

I want to do so many things on that first day, when Guild Wars 2 is finally in my grasp, that these twenty four hours seem so few. I think I have lied to myself, about the things I want to do during my first moments in Tyria, yet I’d like to share them with you.

I will start inside the dream of dreams and face the darkness. In a morning different than the all the rest. Atop one of the highest branches of the Pale tree, a gold fruit will pop open and then I shall wake from my slumber and rise from its tender pith. I will open my eyes, timidly, to let my gaze meet the bright sun of Tyria. I will take my first steps in the oh-so-green Grove, born as a Sylvari Ranger. I will craft my bow and my arrows from the wood of an agelong oak tree and hunt in the surrounding forests. I will charm a white wolf and together we shall explore the world of Tyria.

I will commute in the geometric city of Rata Sum, with its electric fields and its inverted pyramids, as an Asura Warrior. I will enter my lab and, being a top-class graduate of the Dynamics College, I shall manufacture a greatsword twice my height. Then I will go out in the woods and cut down anyone who stands in my way.

I shall rise through the flames of the Flame Legion, to become a mighty Charr Engineer. I will roam around the gear-strewn alleys of the Black Citadel’s miracle of mechanics. I shall manufacture a flamethrower that breaths dragon’s breath. Then I will go outside, in Ascalon, with it in my arms to turn any who I cross paths with to ashes.

A beam of sun will shine through. A drop of rain will fall. A gust of wind will blow and through a gale of dust I shall emerge like a Norn Elementalist. I will begin my journey from the Wayfarer Foothills in the Far Shiverpeaks. I will transform into a Snow Leopard to run through snow covered hill sides. Turn into a Wolf to hunt wild animals for survival. Be a Bear to fight those who will oppose me. Fly as a Raven over the mountains and the valleys, letting the wind take me to magic places.

I will step my foot on Queensdale , as a Human Necromancer. I will summon all my minions and my Hounds of Balthazar. I shall turn into the avatar of Melandru and enter Divinity’s Reach. I will cross Uzolan’s Mechanical Orchestra and my ears will flood with the marvelous music coming from it. I will find myself in the arcade of the enormous aquarium and be lost into thinking I am underwater, swimming through an exotic forest of corals and seaweeds in the company of a group of various multi-colored fish and other marine beings. I will traverse squares and keep walking over the abysmal hole of The Great Collapse, dropping to the bowels of the earth. Finally, I shall travel through beautiful colonies of the Canthan and Elonian people to explore every turn and corner, aiming to find all that bind me to my ancestors.

This is what I intend to do on my first Guild Wars 2 day in Tyria. Have you thought about what you shall do?

– Achilles


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