Beta Amendement

Time for something a little different.

In my last post, I made a statement that Battlefield 3 did not do very well and this is most likely because of the poor response players had to playing the Beta.  I still hold true to my statement that Battlefield 3 did poorly despite having sold 8 million units since it was release on October 25th of 2011 (data was announced November 30th, 2011).  This is entirely my opinion, so take it as you see fit.  I know some people will probably cry out in pain because I dissed their favorite game.  But, as a note, I do not play Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3.

I base my answer on a few things.  Who the game is competing with, how long it took to push that many number of copies and what type of platform it is available on.

Everyone knows that the two big FPS franchises are Modern Warfare and Battlefield (I wont say Call of Duty because nobody really cares about that franchise anymore).  Undoubtable, when both games were about to release their third installment in the series, gaming news was flooded with who will be better, why game X is better than game Y and your typical forum fanboy nonsense.  I don’t play either.  While I have played Modern Warfare in the past, I stopped playing FPS games when I got tired of the sheer repetitiveness of the games.  That is just my opinion.  Either way, Battlefield 3 had an open Beta where anyone could download the client and play it.  In the competition between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, that Beta ruined the game.

The second is the platform the game is available on.  MMOs tend to suffer from sales because a vast majority of gamers play on a console.  This not opinion, this is fact.  More players of video games play on an Xbox or a PS3 system than the entire PC gamers out there.  Because of this, numbers for sales will always be huge.  8 million units for a console game that is shipped out worldwide is not that big of a feet in today’s market.  It is still financially successful, that game did make about 480 million dollars in the first month (assuming the game is sold new and at the full retail of $60 per).  Gearing this against the MMO juggernaut of SWTOR only selling 1.63 million units in the first month.  WoW took about 4 years to hit the 10 million units sold mark and only sold about 350,000 units in its first month.  Most computer games do not sell as widely as console games because there are not as many computer gamers anymore these days.  This is fact.

The last thing to take note on is how many copies it pushed out.  Yes, 8 million copies in the first month of the games existence is quite a large number of sales.  But overall sales mean nothing as how many of those copies were used?  Probably quite a bit since Gamestop had a sale to trade in your copy of Battlefield 3 for a discount on your copy of Modern Warfare 3.  And since Modern Warfare sold 6.5 million units in 25 hours leads me to believe that a large portion of those sales are used.  Comparing overall sales, Modern Warfare made about 1 billion in its first 16 days of of being out.  1 billion translates into over 16 million copies, doubling the amount of sales Battlefield 3 made in half the time.  Also, 1 million dollars worth in copies of Modern Warfare 3 were also stolen in France (but this might have been a publicity stunt).

So, taking everything into consideration.  Battlefield 3 did not do nearly as successful as its competition and I blame this entirely on the Beta.  But that is my opinion so take it as you see fit.


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