Updated site now live!

Hey guys!  I just did the update on the site’s look.  Anyways, it is now live, it should be way more organized, way more informative and much easier to navigate!  I hope you like it!


4 responses to “Updated site now live!

  1. Nice redesign, just one quick suggestion. I can’t seem to find a link to go back to the home page. I usually see them in the header logo which is nice and easy, but a link above that with the categories would work too. As it is now the only way back to the home page for a chronological listing of the posts is to edit the address bar.

  2. I think the transparency for the text block is too low. You should increase that or change the background to something darker. Not bad though.

  3. To be honest: Please remove the transparency, at least for the left part of the page. That engineer artwork is really cool (honestly!), but grey in grey makes reading your posts almost impossible, and that’s what a blog is all about, isnt’t it? I honestly had problems even tracking down the post at first, and the “December 30, 2011” part is nearly invisible.

    Other than that, the new navigation is far better than the old one, and the layout in general I find quite pleasing. (Far more ambitious than mine, obviously. :P)

    • Yeah, it was one of those things that slipped past me when I was tinkering with it on the test blog. I just changed the background to black and will be tinkering with the background to make it work with the blog. In the end, I might just have to not have the background which will make me very sad.

      But I love all the feedback I have been getting! Thank you so much! It really does mean a lot to me 😀

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