Reddit AMA Goodies!

To start off, here is some goodies from the most recent Reddit AMA by the Dev’s at Arena.Net!

The stuff that is Bolded are questions and followed by the answers.

1) Elixir Dart: Fire a dart that makes your foes weak or vulnerable.
2) Elixir F: Fire concentrated Elixir F that bounces between targets crippling foes and applying swiftness to allies.
3) Elixir Spray: Spray elixir fumes in a cone pattern poisoning enemies and removing conditions from allies.
4) Acid Bomb: Leap back blasting the ground with acid damaging foes that touch it.
5) Super Elixir: Shoot an elixir orb that heals allies on impact and creates a healing area.
Toolbelt skill: Vent a healing mist that applies regeneration to yourself and allies.

Just go to Lion’s Arch and walk through an asura gate! It really is an extension of your server’s world out in the mists that you must go defend.

There will in fact be a much more organized structure where players form teams and earn points playing in 5v5 tournaments to qualify for larger and larger tournaments. The goal is to create much more of an e-sport feel this time around.

How do you guys plan on making extremely challenging player vs. environment instances with no dedicated tank or healer professions?

I guess my question is why are those required? Don’t those generally make things more static, when clearly things that are dynamic and changing that must be reacted too are more difficult?

The combat just isn’t built that way. I know we say it so often, it gets annoying, but honestly learning to play your build is so much more important than your actual build.
The lack of trinity comes from forcing flexibility in combat. Trinity doesn’t promote team play it forces team dependencies. That is something we really wanted to avoid, and so people will say we got rid of it to get rid of the LFG stuff, but the real reason is because we want people to play TOGETHER, not next to each other…

There is a score system based on which objectives you hold. Score happens every so often and you gain points for each objective based on how big it is. At the end of the two weeks the team with the highest score “wins.” As you gain these points you pass thresholds of score that give your server worldwide bonuses, so really EVERYONE wins!

Jon Peters: being an avid fan of DAOC I am sure you are aware of the development of realm pride, rivalries on the battlefield both by name and guild. What concerns me is the rotation of WvW every 2 weeks removing this aspect from Gw2. Could you elaborate on the purpose of this rotation? I also understand there will be world wide bonuses after taking certain objectives in WvW. How will these ‘relics’ be affected by the bi weekly rotation?

The purpose of the rotation is to keep match-ups fresh. If you played a lot of DaoC (as I’m sure you did by your name) then you’ll know that it is very easy for one realm to achieve an advantage of skill or numbers over another realm, at that point it becomes less fun for everyone involved, both the winners and the losers. We feel like the rotation helps keep worlds of similar ability level playing each other. Rather than hurting rivalries we expect this to enhance them as it should result in much more competitive play overall. Take for example rivals in professional sports, even though most teams only play a few times a year rivalries will still develop.

Every profession has one biography question that deals with their starting equipment. Every mesmer starts with a harlequin/theater style mask and their question determines the face represented on that mask.

ranked from highest to lowest health

High: Warrior Necromancer
Medium: Ranger Engineer Guardian
Low: Thief Mesmer Elementalist
How long does the average “hot join able” pvp match last? Can I jump in play for 5-10 minutes and jump out? Or do I have to fully commit myself for a certain time period?

About 8-12 minutes.

Because instead of grinding for gear the interesting choice is which gear helps compliment what you are trying to do. Do you get the sword which bleeds when you Crit or one that recharges your dodge meter when you swap weapons? Those are just samples and may not appear in the game but should give you an idea of what different weapon choices might do.

Still writing something up about the Holy Trinity System and how Arena Net is addressing that common tumor in the MMO industry.


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