Art Contest!

Yay!  Art Contest!

So this isn’t just a blog for me to post all of my own thoughts on the Engineer Profession.  But rather, a place for the community to get together and discuss stuff (so ill do my best to post daily to get discussions going).

With the new year coming up, I kinda want to change up the website a bit.  So, I am having an Art Contest!  All you have to do is email me your art submissions and I will post the winner on the blog for everyone to see!

Or if you want to help me create the new image.  I am looking for a outline Charr Engineer with a smoking pistol that can fit on the side bar in a fixed position.  Something similar to the Metal Gear Solid Games on an all white background.  And to be fair, ill even post my own artwork so you can all see how terrible I am at it.

Anyways, send your submissions to me at:

with the title:

Engineer Art Contest:(name you wish to go by)

and ill post it on the blog every Sunday till the new year for people to vote!  So spread the word and lets get people excited!

In other news.  Arena Net has said that the beta will take place before the new year begins.  This means we have 3 weeks left before Beta sign ups should start.  So sign up to the newsletter, follow them on twitter or do whatever it takes to get as much information you can on it.  I know I will post here if I find anything out because that means I can start writing about the actual class and no more speculations!  Yay!

This Sunday’s topic will be the combo systems and my hopes for what the Engineer will provide to the system.  After that, its my take on Tri-World Combat and why its the best thing that happened to world PvP.  Lastly, 2 weeks later, some Audio Geeky stuff with Arena Nets new systems for actaully replacing the in game audio with your own music and what this means for immersion.

Also, Happy Holidays everyone!  Anyone doing anything exciting?  Leave a comment below!


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