Alright, for those of you who have been reading the blog.  I have just moved everything Audio Engineering related over to another blog to allow this one to be focused on the Engineer in Guild Wars 2.  All of that can be found over her http://blanksession.wordpress.com/, it will focus primarily on Pro Tools as that is my DAW of choice.  So until GW2 comes out, this will stay a weekly thing where I talk about relevant stuff related to Guild Wars 2, PvP and whatever news come my way of the Engineer.


Hope you all enjoy!  This should clean up the site dramatically and make it much easier to navigate!


3 responses to “Updates!

    • Yeah, it came down to just not being able to really do what I wanted to do with both. As much as I love Audio Engineering, I was just diluting the blog with other information that was not really relevant to Guild Wars 2.

      So, moving them will make it so this can live up to its fullest potential while the other will allow that and not force the two to coexist.

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