The PvP Guild Experiment

I like to PvP.  But anyone who knows me could tell you that.  While I really do enjoy PvP, I have never really been competitive with it.  In fact, the closest I got was back when I used to tournament hop for various card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Neopets (yes, I played it).  When it came down to video games, I just really felt like it was important.  I played Modern Warfare 1 and 2 online, but only for the fun of it.  I did arenas in WoW but the highest I ever got was somewhere between 1700-1800.  I did try to be competitive with Street Fighter, but I never really got very far after learning to play as ‘Sim.  Currently, I play RIFT but am very far from competitive as to who gets the highest rank first.  Right now, my cleric is rank 6 and I have been leveling up a mage in PvP.  All of which I enjoy very much, even more so than PvE a lot of the time (probably because I can justify my team losing because the other team was just better rather than my group just fails at not standing in fire).  So that is my PvP history in a nutshell.

Like with M:TG, I was aiming for the Pro Circuit and could have done it with my streak of wins and intimate knowledge of the game and the current metagame.  However, when I left for college, I had to quit that dream and pursue something less random.  All of my success in a competitive sense has always been with Trading Card Games.  I remember waking up every morning and sitting right in front of the computer to get the latest news and articles about the game.  My life revolved around it.  I dont regret any of that time or money I spent on that game.  I gained a lot of experience just from learning the strategy and mentality involved in making very clutch decisions in a pinch that can turn a game around with a single move.  I have literally won and lost games due to poor timing of a card play.  If I had continued to play, I am positive that I would be participating in the pro circuit.

What does all that have to do with Guild Wars 2?  Well, Arena.Net has announced competitive play support by hosting weekly tournaments that let you get placed in the monthly tournaments that let you get placed in the yearly tournaments.  On top of that, they have also stated that they are supporting player run tournaments to allow daily competitive PvP if you so choose.  This is all that encompasses Arena.Nets structured PvP system.  As it stands, there is only one PvP map available and it is a small version of Arathi Basin called The Battle of Kyhlo.  5v5 king of the hill type game where your team has to capture and hold one of three points on the map.  Holding those points scores your team based on how many of the point you currently hold.  The first to 500 total points is the victor (estimated about 500 seconds worth of holding points).  The map is solid, the game type is familiar, and best of all, it is simple (review will come next week).

In light of what Arena.Net plans on doing to support their game as an eSport, I have decided to become competitive in Guild Wars 2.  While I may never be the top, I am certainly going to strive for it.  Having this in mind, the topic of this post is the PvP guild experiment.  For those who read my previous post, everyone knows that the guild I am currently in is going to be a PvE oriented guild.  With that to handle, I have two options, join a competitive PvP guild or make a competitive PvP guild.  I chose the latter.  However, rather than dealing with a bunch of people and having to run my own guild while still attempting to keep up a life with my PvE guild, I am modifying the term guild.

At this point forward, I am making the competitive PvP team using the guild system called Seraphym.  This is highly an experiment because I don’t know how this will pan out.  The basics of the team is that there will be a player cap of double the maximum player amount of the highest player amount map.  So in the case of Kyhlo being a 5v5 map, the team will be 10 players strong.  My reasoning for this is that people have lives and having 5 other people to switch out and still be able to compete will allow the team to stay active.

The second point is the only mandatory use of the guild name is during competitive play  and practice sessions.  The idea is that this is a team and not a guild.  By doing things this way, it allows for the rest of the team to go back and play with their respective guilds or friends while not having to feel obligated to leave them behind just to PvP.  One of my biggest gripes in WoW is that I always had to leave my friends to raid because I was the only one who wanted to raid.  So I don’t want to force any members of the team to have to make that sacrifice just to be a part of the team.  Luckily, because of the way that the guild system is structured.  We will get our own guild chat, flag, storage and calendar.

I like the fact that what I am doing is experimenting with a system already placed to see how far the system can go.  If something like this succeeds then what other possible combinations are possible for other guilds?  You could join an RP group where all you do in there is RP with a few other people, like an already formed party of people.   You could have a guild of just your friends or lots of little guilds for each groups of friends.  Lets just say I am a big fan of the guild system.

Other then that, if anyone is looking at applying (yes there is an application process as there can only be 10 people max), then just post a comment down below.  Other then that, here is a quick Q&A I came up with to explain things to my guild to ensure that I wasn’t leaving them.


Q: What is Seraphym
A: Seraphym is a competitive PvP [u]TEAM[/u] in which the only times the guild is united is during practice and competitive play.

Q: How many people are allowed in?
A: Double the maximum of the largest PvP map.

Q: So if this is a team, then why is it structured as a guild?
A: Guild Wars 2 has a very versatile guild system in which players can be members of multiple guilds but represent one of them at a time.  Because of this and without any kind of arena system, creating a guild that allows us to be unified under a single name is needed.

Q: What if I dont want to PvP competitively?
A: Well, then this is not the guild for you, as this is only for competitive play and not casual.  With the guild system, go join a casual guild.

Q: Since this is a competitive PvP team, what time restrictions are expected?
A: Since the intended member amount is double what we can use, the only requirements is that you attend practices (yet to be determined and important for building team unity) and tournaments.  If you cannot, the double membership is a safety net to allow for people to miss out on events (babies and other real life events) and not cripple the team because you had to leave.

Q: So if I have to leave for a month, its ok?
A: As long as you tell us, if 10 people is our team maximum, we still have 9 other people to participate in a 5 person map.  We are not out to force people to play, so as long as you let the team know that you are going to be gone, then it will be ok.

Q: So as a team, I dont have to always represent the team and can go play with my other friends?
A: Social lists are here for this reason, the only time we will ever be Seraphym is when we are practicing or competing.  So please, go hang out with your friends!  We are not trying to take anyone from their guild.
Hope you all enjoyed the post!  Sorry for it being a short one today.  There are a few updates going on this week.

1.  I will be doing a daily Pro Tools Quick key post to help improve functionality of all the Audio Engineer readers that I have.

2.  Without there being any real information on the Engineer, I will be writing about the following topics until there is more news about the class:

Battle of Kyhlo
Audio Division at Arena.Net
Combo System in Guild Wars 2
Immersion and Arena.Net Tech
The Excommunication of the Holy Trinity

Is there anything any of you guys would like me to write about?  If so just leave a comment and I will begin doing research on it.


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