A Formal Apology

“My guild decided that they wanted to level up new characters as they felt that because they already donated money then they should at participate in Trion’s restricted competition so that they can receive their goodies.  And while I do love my guild mates, I felt that this was wrong on many levels that I already explained above.”


In my last blog post, I made this above statement.  However, I should not have made this statement.  I was very wrong for doing this and rather than keeping this to myself, I chose to vent about the situation that I felt was a very poor one.  While I still do, in fact, feel like Trion handled the event poorly, I should never have doubted the motive’s of my guild for a second when participating in this event.  So, I am choosing to make my apology formal and public to in deed show that I am sorry for my harsh words.  I care deeply for my guild and never wish any harm or foul among them, they have been nothing but kind and caring towards me and I should have returned the favor to them.


For the readers, I am sorry for the latest post with how whiny, uninformed, short and biased view point that I displayed.  I do have to give Trion the credit that they did raise over $30,000 dollars and the point of the players playing on the one server was to gauge how much money they were going to donate towards the cause.  From this point onward, I do pledge to write longer, more formal, more informed posts in the future.  Not only as a Guild Wars 2 blog, but as an Audio Engineering blog.


As a preview, here is what I am writing next:

The DAW Wars (Pro Tools or Logic, which digital audio workstation is better and why?)

Razer Naga Gaming mouse and why it is the perfect fit for Guild Wars 2

Post Production Suites (my experiences with working sound for demo reels and techniques I have found for improving performance, speed and quality)

Preparing the Guild for Guild Wars 2 (How my guild, Steel Dawn, is preparing for Guild Wars 2).


I make these posts every Sunday, so stay tuned!


Thanks again for reading.




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