Engineering Predictions

Engineering Predictions

Skills with stats are possibly around mid range in level.

Rifle Weapon Skills
Hip Shot – Shoot from the hip while on the move.
Damage: 384

Net Shot, 10s – Immobilize foes with a net shot (3s)

Blunderbuss, 10s – Bleed foes with a shrapnel cone shot that works better the close you are.
Damage: 499
Within 8 feet Bleeding (x4) – 4,464
Within 16 feet Bleeding (x3) – 3,348
Within 24 feet Bleeding (x2) – 2,232
Within 32 feet Bleeding (x1) -1,116

Overcharged Shot, 15s – Fire a blast so strong it knocks back both you and your foe.
Damage: 509

Jump Shot, 20s – Aim downwards and blast off the ground to fly at a foe.
Leap Damage: 779
Landing Damage: 779
Blast Radius: 10 feet

Pistol Weapon Skills
Explosive Shot – fire a shot that explodes on impact.

Dart Volley – Fire a volley of poisonous darts.
Notes: Fires a total of five darts which can inflict poison on multiple enemies.

Static Shot – Discharge a lightning shot that blinds on impact.

Glue Shot – Coat target area with glue puddle that immobilizes foes.
Notes- Upon activation, your character will jump back while shooting the glue puddle.

Flame Thrower – Unleash flames from your pistol to burn foes.
Notes: This ksill does more damage the closer enemies are to the engineer.

Absorb – Store an incoming projectile attack to be redirected at a foe.
Notes: Absorb allows the engineer to absorb a projectile attack and then later use it against their enemy.

Deploy Ballistic Barrier – Deploy a ballistic barrier that intercepts hostile projectiles.

Flamethrower Weapon Skills
Flame Jet – Spray fire in a cone pattern while on the move.
Damage: 78
Hits per second: 5

Flame Blast, 6s – Fire a napalm ball that rolls through foes and explodes.
Damage: 154
Blast Radius: 20 feet

Air Blast, 12s: Knock back foes and projectiles with a hot air blast.
Knockback Distance: 35 feet

Napalm, 20s: Burn and blind foes with a wall of napalm in front of you.
Burning (1s): -1,431 health
Blind (5s): miss next attack

Backdraft – Pull foes to you in a fiery backdraft
Damage: 479
Burning (5s): -2,385 health
Distance that enemies are moved: 35 feet

Mine Kit Skills
Throw Mine – Throw an explosive mine. (x5)
Damage: 549
Explosion Radius: 15 feet

Grenade Satchel Skills
Grenade – Throws a grenade that explodes on impact

Shrapnel Grenade – Throws a grenade that explodes into shrapnel, causing bleeding

Flash Grenade – Throw a grenade that explodes in a blinding flash.

Freeze Grenade – Chills foes.

Poison Grenade – Throws a grenade that explodes into poison.

Bomb Satchel Skills
Bomb – Set a timed charge that damages foes when it explodes.

Fire Bomb – Set a timed charge that sets fire to nearby foes when it explodes

Concussion Bomb – Set a timed charge that dazes foes when it explodes.

Smoke Bomb – Blinds foes with a smoke cloud.

Glue Bomb – Immobilizes foes in sticky glue.

Med Kit Skills
Drop Bandage – Drop bandages for your allies.

Elixir Gun Skills
Elixir Dart – Elixir Dart is a single target damaging skills that inflicts a random condition

Elixir Bomb – Elixir Bomb is a ground targeted skill that heals allies and removes a random number of conditions

Healing Skills
Elixir H, 30s – Heal yourself and randomly gain protection, regeneration, or swiftness.
Healing: 1,979
Regen (6s): +95
Protection (6s): +211 defense
Swiftness (6s): +33% speed

Healing Turret, 20s: Deploy a healing turret that heals you on deploy.  Applies Regeneration to Allies.
Regen (8s): +181 Health
Healing radius: 480 feet
Healing: 2,357

Med Kit – Equip a kit that gives you healing skills

Utility Skills
Flamethrower – Equip a flamethrower

Adrenaline Shot 30s – Give yourself a shot that removes conditions and grants faster attacks.
Attack speed increase: 100%
Breaks stun

Smelling Salts, 45s – Throw smelling salts to resurrect allies and removes conditions.

Mine Kit – Equip a kit that vives you skills to throw detonate mines

Grenade Kit – Equip a kit that gives you grenade skills

Thumper Turret – Create a thumper turret that has a lot of health and damages all nearby foes.
Damage: 213
Attack Range: 20 feet
Rate of Fire: 3s

Rocket Boots, 30s – Fly backwards, damaging foes with your rocket exhause
Damage: 509
Movement distance: 165 feet

Utility Goggles, 40s: Break out of a stun and gain immunity to blindness and critical hits.
Break stun

Slick Shoes, 45s – Spray oil behind you, knocking down foes.  If underwater, blinds fores that enter the oil field.
Knockdown: 1 second
Oil slick duration: 1 second
Blind (5s) : miss next attack

Rifle Turret: Build a rifle turret that shoots at foes.
Damage: 169
Maximum range: 100 feet
Rate of Fire: 2 seconds

Detonate Rifle Turret – Detonate your rifle turret

Flame Turret – No information, possibly similar to flame jet

Net Turret – No information, possibly similar to net shot

Elixir Gun – No description available

Tool Kit – No description available.
Notes: Tool Kit makes the equipped weapon a wrench, which the engineer can use to strike foes and support turrets.

Elixir B – Gain Fury, Might, Protection, Regeneration, Swiftness or Vigor.

Elixir S – No description available

Elixir U – No description available.

Elite Skills
Elixir X, ??s -Become an Invisible Stalker, Quickening Zephyr, Plague, or Tornado

Supply Crate, 180s – Drop a supply base on target area
Heals party by distributing several med kits

Tool Belt Skills (f1-4)
Grenade Barrage, 30s: Throw several grenades at once (grenade satchel activated)
Damage: 257
Explosion Radius: 10 feet
Number of grenades: 6

Big Ole Bomb – Set a large time bomb that launches foes when it explodes (bomb satchel activated)

Bandage Self – Bandage wounds to heal yourself. (med kit activated)

Detonate All – Detonate all your mines. (mine kit activated)

Automatic Fire – Overcharge your rifle turret to fire bursts of automated shots.

Class Mechanic Notes
Only class that does not have the ability to change out weapons in combat (only 1 weapon set at a time)

The Engineer class is one that, if played correctly, can be the strongest class in the game in any given scenario.  Now, because I have yet to get any actual hands on time with the class, everything that is stated here is simply a prediction for how the class will play in a PvP setting based on the skill lists and these videos on how the skills work.
The first interesting fact about how the engineer plays is that they are the only class in the game to get only 1 weapon set.  Rather then having a system to change weapons, they get a series of backpacks and kits that take up utility skills that essentially do the same thing.  Instead of weapon sets, they get a series of utility skills that essentially do the same thing, except  they come at a heavy price of taking up your utility skills.  For every other class, weapon sets (or in the elementalist’s case with attunements) are triggered by the F1-4 keys (so if you use alt for your vent key, you should be careful).  Now, my honest guess as to why this is the case is because of versatility in what each weapon set provides and works as a balancing problem.  Given by just the rifle set alone, you get 1 knock back, 1 charge, 1 immobilize and a dot.  With just the flamethrower backpack set on your utility bar, you get a flame wall, powerful set of area of effects, another knock back, a pull ability and a series of damage over times. All while having two possible utility skills that range from mines, grenades and turrets (that mimic other damaging abilities from other backpacks and kits).  If set up appropriately, the engineer can have up to 5 mines (if mine kit is equipped), 2 turrets and several abilities out to decimate anyone that dares to encounter them.
The balance in this case is that other classes can change attunements and weapons on the fly at the cost of losing access to those abilities.  In the case of the engineer, the F1-4 keys act as triggers for other backpacks.  The example of this is that by placing mines, the F4 key becomes a trigger for all of your other mines, if you have a turret out, one of the F keys becomes the overcharge trigger which increases the output of your turrets at a undisclosed con (possibly taking damage or destroying the turret after a set amount of time).  If set up appropriately, this can lead you to causing massive set ups and effectively trapping your foes in a series of mines, turrets and a flame wall.  And if all of that goes badly, you can just switch back to your trusty rifle, knock them back, immobilize them and then charge your way out of there.
It is for this reason, that I believe that Engineers are given the best set of tools for environmental control of a PvP situation.  In all of my PvP experience, there are always two key factors in success.  Mobility and Control.  Doesn’t matter if that control is environmental or character, by taking control of the situation, you automatically put that bit of combat in your favor and drastically increase your chances of winning exponentially.  MMOs in particular look at PvP as a numbers game, if you can deal more damage, heal more damage or prevent your opponent from healing or dealing damage, then you essentially win.  By having the ability to set up with so many different stationary abilities while also being able to escape from targets or pull targets into your traps, you can take on any single target that crosses your path.
Now, stationary is just one possible set up.  In the case of the Bomb Satchel, it allows you to place timed bombs while on the move, the grenade satchel allows you to toss grenades on the move, you have rocket boots that knock you very far back, jump shot and over charge shot all give you the capability of always staying mobile.  Having the ability to escape from sticky situations will cause you to survive much longer.  Having the ability to constantly stay mobile will also give you a strong map presence.  What map presence is that you can be anywhere at any given time even if you are on the other side of the map.  While others may not know that, if you establish good map presence early, others will always be far more cautious of where you are and that looming sense of fear will cause them to make mistakes.
The last bit about why the Engineer will possibly be the strongest class in the game in the sense of PvP is the wild card factor.  All the other classes have a set of 4 weapons that they can switch out and access other skills.  However, all the other classes sets are the same throughout.  So Warriors, Guardians, Thieves and so on will become very predictable in the methods in which you combat them.  With engineers, you will never know if they are set around turrets, grenades, mines, flamethrowers, dual pistols or rifles.  Not knowing what skills the other class has increases the amount of time required to effectively combat.  In addition to that, not knowing what the other class has causes you to play reactively which means you will always be 1 step behind because that Engineer knows what you are planning based on your class choice.
However, with all the pros, there are cons that come with the class.  Restricted in the amount of skills you do have.  This means that you have to learn less, but you have less tools in which to rely upon.  Fortunately, each of your tools does provide a wide array of different abilities that sort of makes up for this.  But only have 2 weapon sets (Rifle and Flamethrower) and then 2 turrets means you have 12 skills, a healing and an elite skill.  Whereas the other classes will have up to 20 skills (in weapons alone) in which they can all use at any given time.  Every other class doubles the amount of skills you have access to during combat (this is under the assumption that you cannot alter your utility skills while in combat) which means you will have to rely heavily on precise planning to be successful and effectively reduce the margin of error while playing the Engineer.
The second con is that the rifle is the only actual weapon set that proves to be effective.  While dual pistols and pistol shield can be potentially very dangerous.  In their current state, they are lacking in the damage output and do not have the same amount of utility that the rifle provides.  This means that you are also pigeonholed into one effective PvP weapon set.  If the other two weapon combos prove to be completely ineffective, then the rifle is going to be the only one used in PvP.  Fortunately, because there are still other options available, the Engineer will still remain a wild card.  Just people will begin to expect the rifle at least which reduces the effect of jump shot and overcharged shot (although using jump shot while on top of somebody is a great way to do massive amounts of damage with a single ability).
Despite those two cons, the Engineer is still the most versatile class in the game.  It still offers more combos, more support, more control and more mobility than any other class that I have seen.  We still have 1 class left to be revealed and until BETA or game launch is available, there is no certainty as to how the game will play out.  These are just my own predictions to how this class will play out (and given by the blog title, the class that I am most eagerly awaiting upon release day) in a PvP setting.  Until then, the Engineer looks to be a very powerful and fine choice and will be glad to play it and post here all of my own strategies and finding for the profession.



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